The 3 Why’s I get up in the morning, and get to do what I love

Written By Jerry

July 10, 2021

First two ?  My wife and son.  Third reason is Y.O.U. You.  Knowing how important this is for you drives me to do my very best for every single person that hires me.
Lets face it, there are a lot of Los angeles based headshot photographers in this town.
I have to bring my “A” game every single time ,for everyone. I love what I do.  My art and craft is in my heart and soul.  Somehow it has translated into my reviews my clients have generously given me.  Your reviews, the fun filled sessions tell me that I am doing what I was meant to do.
Covid-19 has enhanced the need to strive for more outreach to all of those who lost their livelihood and for those whose world just stopped.  I have always been driven by everyones personal stories.  But Covid-19 really put an almost desperate urgency to the most affected by this horrible pandemic.  The “pivot” for me hasn’t been all that diiferent.  As a headshot photographer here in Los angeles, gives me the oppurtunity of reaching more sectors.  Yes, I specialize in headshots and personal branding photography.  Covid-19 will create a greater demand in everyone’s personal and professional lives.
All want to do is to extend my message to everyone, that I am here for you.  I want to help you photographically speaking, in your continued search of your dream job or just your next career in this new world.  Specializing in headshots allows me to laser focus your needs.  Now more than ever your resume and applications need a really good professional headshot taken by a photographer that specializes in headshots.  This really is a big deal and a difference maker.
Why does it matter ?  I see what perhaps a wedding or family photographer have not been trained to see.  Just like I cant see what they do for their clients either.  They specialize in their markets, and so do I.
The lighting is different, the right lenses are needed for your face and head shape.  The right backdrops make a difference. The wardrobe is key for the viewer to see who you are as in personality.  Most importantly and perhaps the number 1 thing I can do better because I speicalize in headshots, and that is creating and directing an honest, genuine expression.
I never say “cheese” or “smile” etc.  Thats rookie tactics that just don’t work.  Im not allowed to say those words, I never do and never will.  Not even for my child actors.  My adult actors and even my business / corporate clients get my “secret sauce”, cause thats how I have become the best in my home town of Pasadena.  Being able to create a genuine expression isnt easy, but once you get it, then we are off and rolling.  Creating the best headshots you’ve ever taken.
I dont ever want to over sell myself, but I never get tired of the reactions I get when I show them a sneak peek preview.  It usually goes like this  “WOW”  I’ve never have seen myself that way.  I love that one of me” etc etc.  Especially surprised of the clients who dread or do not want to book the session cause they hate the way they look etc. Yet, I get the reactions that even they never expected.
I can’t tell you how grateful I am with all of my clients.  From individuals to large firms with up to 100 plus employees.  Each and every person, I have a personal connection with and they have that reaction usually.  I am blessed and this is the one thing I can offer for you and your future.  It is a tool that must be used by all.  I can’t stress that enough. Life during Covid-19 has turned everything on its head.  Let us prepare, let us not let go of our plans before we took a hard left and “plot twist”  Let us keep our plans and dreams on point.  Nows the time to make it happen and that energy will come to you.
We all need this in one way or another.  I feel so good about your possibilities.  Fight for what you want. Reach for that dream. Action conquers fear.  Don’t let go, don’t take your focus on the long term prize.  I’m a victim of that, but get right back on that vision and man does it feel good when it all starts to happen for you.
I get up in the morning for my wife, my son and for Y.O.U. !
 Allow me to “Reveal your awesome”
Always grateful, Jerry Camarillo


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