5 Star Reviews & Testimonials

Nicole H.

One of the best photographers if not THE best. A professional at the upmost height of quality. My headshots are phenomenal: they have given me work and the folks who I have crossed paths with have asked me who. Who was the photographer.
The foot steps started here. And without presumption or an adherent misguided aim at trying to create advertisement, I genuinely without doubt believe that he is a talent and a guiding force. I recommend him to all.
Best in class.

Dr. Christine E. Wilson

Jerry promises, “My look “says” something about you,” and he ABSOLUTELY delivers. In my opinion, I achieved even more than I could have imagined with the head shots Jerry took; so much so I personally took it upon myself to increase his fee to match his skill. Jerry’s professionalism is personable and energetic and his coaching is amazing. He has so much integrity and passion for what he does. Having never done a real professional photo shoot before, he was relaxed and made me feel like a pro. Having seen many other head shots, Jerry’s are unmatched. I am 100% happy with my experience and my photos.

Cyla Grisso - Orange County, CA

It was such a pleasure having my photos taken by Jerry Camarillo. He is very professional, fun to work with, and always has great ideas on how to get a great shot. I have had dance pictures, headshots, and pictures for modeling taken by him and I have never been disappointed. I absolutely love every picture he has taken of me, as well as many of my friends, and I would recommend him to anyone. Any type of picture you need, he is definitely the man to go to.

Leslie Jasperson

What a fun evening! Jerry, you are incredible! You made me feel so special and unique. You’re fun and easy to work with because you have a unique ability to disengage the subject from any rigidity in themselves and engage them in the moment. I’m so glad I met you. Thank you for sharing yourself.

Galaxia A. - Lynwood, CA.

Jerry is an amazing photographer. I needed specific photos done for a project concerning my career as an artist. Jerry went above and beyond to help create and capture exactly what I was looking for. I am absolutely happy with his professionalism and the quality of his work. I recommend him to anyone who is looking for professional photography!

Ashley I. - Pasadena CA.

Jerry was such a pleasure to work with! My experience at his studio was awesome. I am not naturally comfortable in front of the camera but he made it easy. He made me feel totally comfortable. I loved that we sat down and looked at all the photos before I left, just so we knew we had the perfect shot. And I was amazed at how he made me look WITHOUT the use of photoshop! He is the real thing, people. Totally talented, generous, kind and fun. This guy knows what he is doing! – Ashley Inzer www.thelaunchdesigner.com :slightly_smiling_face:

Lori C.

I needed to have a head shot taken for business purposes. I am terrified of having my picture taken and I told Jerry that when he gave me a bid. He assured me that it would be a fun experience and that I wouldn’t leave, without seeing something that I would be pleased with. I must say that he was right on target. From the minute I arrived at his studio, I felt re-assured and special. He clearly made me the priority of his attention during the time that I was there. He was patient with me and coached me quite effectively to get the best shots possible. He even broke some of his “rules” of photography, to satisfy my wishes. At the end of the day, his “rules” trumped my wishes as he clearly has an eye for photography and highlighting the best in his clients. I am a huge fan of Jerry’s and will never use another photographer.

Dr. David H. - Pasadena CA.

I needed a head-shot for my clinic website. Jerry was great! He is very professional at what he does. I loved the setup of his studio; very clean / organized but warm at the same time. I am not comfortable in front of the camera at all, especially this being the first time taking a professional head-shot. Just by the way Jerry talks and gives you instructions, you start “loosening up” quickly, allowing him to be able to take the right shot. Speaking of the right shot, this guy already knows the shot that he wants and will not settle for anything else. Following the photo shoot, he sat with me and we reviewed all the pictures that he took. This is when you notice how much Jerry pays attention to details; you notice how he has been able to pick up on the slight changes in head position, lighting, the right smile, etc. to get the right look.
He shows you comparisons of one shot where tyou are looking just ordinary and the next shot which he took 1/2 of a second later that makes you look 20 pounds lighter and 10 years younger. It’s amazing! I am looking forward to taking my wife and kids for a family portrait sometime in the future.

Kelly R. - Woodland hills

I have shot with many a photographer over the years because of my profession. Jerry is outstanding! He makes you feel at ease immediately, he is professional, creative, and truly cares about his clients. Its refreshing these days to find someone like Jerry! He is so talented with natural lighting. I knew it would be an outstanding session when I saw the initial “test” shots and they were beautiful! I shot with him last April and I plan on another session this year. Jerry is the best kept secret! I highly recommend him!