Overcoming Headshot Fear: How to Become Photogenic

Written By Jerry

February 1, 2018

It’s all about the client – Many, and I do mean many of my clients really fear the camera. Sadly, I’d say most say they hate their photos being taken or what they look like in a photo.  Wow ! It is a sad fact that most do not feel confident enough or believe that they are photogenic.  They either criticize themselves about a certain feature they have or lack.  I don’t think I ever thought that this is what I would be trying to handle or manage in my day to day headshot sessions.   I meet some of the best people.  Nicest, very appreciative in what I do and we have a very good time while in my LA headshot photographer Los Angeles studio.


Energy is the key ingredient to making my client feel confident, comfortable, relaxed, and just enjoy their time in my photo studio. I set the tone right when i greet them at my door.  All of my attention is on them.  I use my eyes, and my gut feeling about how they are doing.  i ask them how they’re doing.  I crack a quick little joke to make them feel “hey this guy is kinda cool” ha ha . Also, there is that immediate meet and greet by my loveable Boston terrier “Hurley” who loves on everyone.  That too brings in some good energy as well.

It’s all about you – You’re instinct as well as your “eye” should and do come together in every headshot photographer Los Angeles session.  Bringing those two together, I feel are the two most important factors in what determines your success in truly capturing that person in front of your camera and your career as a head shot photographer.

Using the Force – (not what you think) We all feel and react to everyones energy in the room.  Be it consciously or subconsciously we all are aware.  Feeding off of their energy and reading them correctly is crucial to the sessions success.  Being keen on what they are projecting is very important.  I bank on my ability to be able to make them feed off of the tone I want to set for them.  Even if its just for an hour or two, I gotta make them trust me and make them feel safe.  It is so important to me, that I rely more on the energy than on my high priced equipment.  It make our lives easier if we both are on the same page.  A common goal that I and the client are invested in and I make it very clear that this is a collaborative effort.  I can’t do it without them, and they sure can’t do it without me.  Using my assets (The Force) in being fun and light hearted, plus just a cool moment in their career is very important to them and me.

Makeup time – I really take advantage of the “makeup” artist time.  While they sit on my MUA’s chair, I get to know them a bit more.  I get a little bit more personal, such as family life, work, goals and dreams.  I learn a lot from that hour or so.  That already sets the energy at another level.  My makeup artist also brings in good energy to the day.  Think about meeting a stranger for the first time without any makeup on ?  Thats frightening for most if not all.  That is why I feel your MUA should also carry that energy that you want to establish from the get go.  They can add to the whole experience.

Have Fun ! – Over all, the main message that i am trying to convey is HAVE FUN !  If you have fun, they feed off of that and they have fun, its that simple.  Isn’t that the energy you always want to have in something you love so much ?  Fun energy is such a refreshing way to work.  It really is infectious and your head shot clients cannot resist it.  Doesn’t matter if your’e photographing your neighbor to the G.M. of FIFA and MLS referees (see photos).  Even they feed off of your energy.  Doesn’t matter who it is.  What matters is, is that you’re ready to rock it for you and them.  Keeping that energy positive, light, caring, and fun.  You and they will win each and every time.  They can’t deny it and you as one of the best headshot photographer Los Angeles.

5 Stars – With all of this comes a few nice benefits.   Your clients will definitely refer you to everyone they know.  Also, 5 star reviews are on their way, you can bet on it.  I am so grateful for my 5 star reviews.  It just confirms that what I do for my clients is working.  It always surprises me what they say, how they say it, and how much they say.  Mega grateful for each and every person who took the time to give me those incredible reviews.

Its all up to you – So to wrap this blog up, I leave it to you.  Do you feel you have that personality trait ?  If not, develop it. I promise you it will pay off.  Don’t be shy, don’t be afraid.  Your head shot clients will love it and love you.  Its like any other modality you apply to your business.  You learn and train using your camera, lights and software.  The same thing goes with this, it gets easier the more you do it.  It feels wonderful at the end of your head shot session when they just thank you for making it easy, and FUN !  The energy you set forth from the very beginning is what made the difference.  I see it practically everyday and it is incredible that I get to do this for a living.  I am so very grateful for that. I know you can follow this as well.  I know you have what it takes to make an impact in your clients head shot session.  They will spread the word, believe me.  That energy always comes back to you and pays you a wealth of happy clients.  That is the ultimate goal. I truly believe that.

Always grateful

Jerry Camarillo


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