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Dancers have a special place in my photography and in my heart.  It all began with dancers at a dance studio named LA Dance Connection.  There I was given the trust and the chance to practically learn on the spot all about dance and what makes dancers so special.  They are both aritists and athletes.  I now pride myself in knowing a thing or two about the proper form that, say a ballet dancer should have.  Or the proper footing, shoulders, and even finger positioning should be shown for each specific style of dance.  My photography has grown and with it, is displayed in over a decade of capturing thes graceful people in their element of dance.  As I have said, everyone needs a proper headshot.  Dancers are constantly looking for their next gig or studio.  Some studios display their dancers headshots on their walls..  This is why you as a dancer, should have a professional headshot so that you can be ready to reveal your awesome.  

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