Kids headshots in Los Angeles

As a Dad, I feel very fortunate to meet so many incredible parents with their talented kids.  I have been able to guide many parents in this very confusing world of kids actors headshots Los Angeles and all of the

“Do’s and Don’ts”.  
I’ve been doing this long enough that I know what agents and talent agencies are looking for.  Ultimately what is needed are vibrant, colorful images that capture the attention of agents that will sign your kid actor for an acting job.
The things I can advise and help you with are:  

-How many looks are needed
-What kind of wardrobe styles
-Makeup or no makeup and at what age?
-The differences between Commercial / Print and film choices
-How often should your child have their headshots taken
-Digital or print submissions?
-How much retouching should be done?
and much more…
I am here to help you navigate all of this.  I specialize in kids actors headshots Los Angeles and really want to create that first step in your child’s success. Give me a call to start the conversation.