Business head shots in Pasadena and Los angeles

Written By Jerry

December 19, 2013

Actors head shots are full of life and expression. Business head shots in Pasadena and Los Angeles really lack life and personality. That is why I am trying to educate and change the typical business head shot that most come to expect. I specialize in head shots. It’s what I was born to do, may sound funny but it is true. I take my time to teach you how to look your best. I say that I’m 10% photographer and 90% therapist. My number one job for you as your head shot photographer is to make you calm down and trust me. Head shots are intimidating and scary for a lot of people. I didn’t realize this in the beginning. So I had to come up with ways to aleviate the session and keep them calm, comfortable and trusting in my method. I really begin analyzing my client immediately and find out how they’re doing and what they’re thinking. Small talk is best and we begin a connection with small talk which later can evolve into some major break throughs and all walls come crashing down. That’s when I take my chance and begin the healing process of capturing their true essence and personality. My head shots are really involved and incidently, during their “therapy” session I just happen to be taking photos of them at the same time. Now, of course I don’t poke around being nosey with Q & A no, no, no. My head shot clients just find themselves opening up on their own. It never fails. These of course are mainly my acting clientele, so it may be just that niche. My business head shots here in Pasadena and los angeles tend to already think that they are walking into a typical studio, where they go “say cheese click click” and off you go. NOOO WAY !! I won’t let you off that easy. I see it all the time. Plane ol business head shots that say nothing about the person. No expression and no life. I am here to change all of that once and for all. I really want people to value a great head shot that make people stop and say wow. Business head shots need to be noticed just like actors head shots. They say you have 2 seconds to make a first impression. The pressure is all on me now. Haven’t you realized that by now ? i am touting that I can do the best job. Know what ? Yes I can and always deliver for each and every client. Check out my reviews. All 5 star !

Business head shot Pasadena

I also hate it when I get the “I am not photogenic” or “I take terrible pictures” Uhhhh hmmm, YOU didn’t take those “terrible pictures”. You posed and someone else dropped the ball and didn’t teach you and show you and nurture you into taking an incredible photo you are proud of. It’s the photographers fault, not yours.

The photographer who shoots everything (sorry, but I’m not bashing just telling the truth) does not have the proper eye and training to see and make the best head shot of you or anyone. They may get lucky every now and again, but why take that chance. Their are mechanics that specialize. If you need something done right on your vehicle, you seek out that specialist. You know it right ? You go to a break specialist or a transmission or heating and air specialist. Or imagine calling your plumber and then asking them if they can fix your garage door ? I am no different. I am not a generalist for a reason. I cannot just take money for the sake of it. I have to feel right that my heart is in it (my passion) to give you the best that I can offer each and every time. Say no more to cheap, boring head shots please ?

Corporate-business head shot in Pasadena los angeles

Head shots are so vital in todays world. Either your need for a head shot has not revealed it self yet, but the need is there I promise. Head shots and head shot photographers are everywhere don’t get me wrong. But exclusively just for the actor or performer which cannot get in the casting door if they do not have a proper head shot. I do not shoot weddings etc. etc. (you know what I’m saying)? I am a specialist who knows how to capture the best of you. I do not rest until I / we create the best head shot you’ve ever had. My home town Pasadena, Los angeles is such a great city. It has everything and yet these business head shots I see everywhere here in Pasdena los angeles are not doing them any favors. I really hope you can tell that this really is my passion. I studied under the best for this in order to give you the best. My natural eye and talent coupled with the teachings of Peter Hurley should give you confidence that I can deliver and create the best head shot in pasadena and los angeles. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you in my studio


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