Associate Photographer for Peter Hurley and mentor for the Headshot Crew

Hello! I’m Jerry Camarillo

Incredible and honored to be given the title of Associate Photographer for the best of the best in Peter Hurley.

Having this title ensures my clients that I am considered to be one of the best in the headshot photographer industry here in Pasadena and Los Angeles.

I visited and bought here Valium.

Not many have this title, and for me it just confirmed that I am on the right path professionally.

So how does this benefit you as a client ?
I have been trained by the best and the Associate title ensures that you are getting the best in the way of your headshot or portrait.

There is a signature lighting and shooting style that Peter Hurley offers for his clients and has garnered many accolades and his style is very recognizable in the headshot industry.

Not knowing who Peter Hurley was, I fell in love with the style and look of his headshots. As synchronicity works, he was coming to Los Angeles for his very first headshot intensive. I called the number and who answers ? Peter Hurley himself. What a great guy and great energy. I was hooked, and signed up.

What a great experience that was ! I absorbed all that I could then and after my headshot intensive and he welcomed me back and became an assistant for his subsequent LA headshot intensives with a total of 5.

I did my work, kicked my butt, perfected my look, eye and technique to add in my own flavor to the look.

I submitted my required number of headshots for him to judge, scrutinize and constructively critique and SHABANG ! He anointed me “Associate photographer” for the Pasadena, Los angeles area.

I’ll never forget what he said to me when I made associate. “You’re an official Bad-Ass” Jerry
I even have that quote on my business cards LOL !

I take this title seriously and uphold his very high standards in the headshot world. I hope you see the value in what this means to me and what it can do for you.

Always grateful
Jerry Camarillo