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Written By Jerry

November 6, 2013


Best head shots in Los Angeles

Announcing the best headshots in Los Angeles sounds like a pretty bold claim.  Especially in a city full of head shot photographers. It’s confusing to decide who to go to and who to have as your head shot photographer. The prices vary in such a way it makes it easy to go to the cheapest photographer and or just your friend with a camera. Headshots should not be taken lightly and you should not go cheap. If you do your homework and pay attention to those who really know are agents and agencies who are doing the hiring and deciding on your very future as an actor / performer.
They all come into agreement. “Don’t go cheap” Now they nor I do not want you to break the bank. Although the headshot photographers who have a “name” for themselves may be worth the money and have great insight and knowledge about what a headshot should look like and contain. Cost is at times an indicator of quality, but not always. Look for yourself and does it say quality to you ? Many head shot photographers shoot alike and light the same way and give you a pretty generic acceptable look that everyone expects. They aren’t bad, but sometimes busy backgrounds or the wrong clothes and colors or even wrong makeup and hair can fall short of having that “it” factor you should have to represent yourself at your best.

In comes my style of headshots. I have been trained by the best and am an associate headshot photographer with Peter Hurley. He of course is very high end and charges what is expected for that caliber and quality. He is totally worth the money. So, what if you want his “look and style” of headshots but you just can’t afford him or don’t live in New york ? That’s why I am a PH2 pro associate with Peter. I create the same look he does for far less. That is the point of PH2 pro associates. A clean look that truly shows “the best of you”. I do add my flare to it of course.
My sessions are first of all some of the most fun you’ll ever have. It is an experience you’ll not forget and all of my clients (knock on wood) are floored and agape with amazement when I show them the before and after images. I like to take a test shot for what you think is your normal “face”. Then after I do my whole coaching thing with you and show you your first “Shabang” shot of them, they just go nuts. Some actually well up and cry. They’ve never seen themselves that way. It freaks them out cause it’s live and they know it’s not photoshopped at all.
Their reactions is what feeds me. That alone makes my day. The friendships I create after a session are countless. I never thought that these sessions would create such happiness and confidence in all of my clients.
So how can I claim that these are the best head shots in los angeles ? By what I do technically in camera and not relying on software to correct my mistakes or lack of knowledge of the human face and spirit. Getting anyone in front of my camera shed tears or go nuts in what they see live in camera tells me I am on to something. I never hear other sessions be full of laughter and end with friendships. I love what I do and my payback is enormous. I give my all and my best to all of my clients looking for the best headshots they’ve ever taken. So far I have really found my calling. The reactions cement it. The happiness truly tells me I am doing what I was born to do. I was asked by my own mother why my sessions are 90 minutes (give or Take). “they’re just photos” she said. No mom, I change lives one click at a time. I truly do. I thank God for this gift. No amount of expensive equipment gives me or you the client the best headhsot. No, the connection and love for it does. I never saw this coming, but glad I followed my heart. Now, I am helping others with their headshots so that they can follow their hearts and dreams.


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