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If you’re an actor, you know that you cannot even think of booking a job without a professional actor headshot.  Either an agent will require one or a casting call will ask you for your actor headshots Los Angeles.  
I am here to make your life easier.

So what do you think about this

I know what agents and casting directors are looking for.  I specialize in headshots Los Angeles, especially actor headshots Los Angeles.     
I know what they look for and what they like or don’t like such as:
-The lighting
-Backdrop (background)
-Hair and makeup style
-The many looks they require to even be considered in your submissions.
-and much more…

I am here to help you with all of this.  This is my passion, and I have numerous reviews for you to read in which my clients articulate this passion of mine.
Give me a call or simply email or text me so that we can begin the first step to creating your incredible actor headshot.

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