About Me

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Hey there !  I’m  Jerry Camarillo

I know how important a head shot and profile photo is to my clients. I know the value of your image for all to see.
It is my job to perform at my very best every single time so that I can capture the best in my client. You only get one first impression right ?

Most inquiries always say they hate their photos being taken etc. But once they step into my studio all that goes out the window and we have a great time creating some powerful images in your headshot profile.

My clients are blown away with their images. We have a lot of fun during the session and the confidence begins to show. It is a transformation taking place right in front of my camera. It never fails.

This is why it is so important to me. I know how important it is for you. I say again…”I know the value of your image for all to see. I am gifted in knowing how to capture the confident, authentic you”.

Meeting new and exciting people. I love it when they tell me why they need a headshot. Its usually to find a new career path or building their dream of becoming an actor. Or simply attracting the right special person in their lives. It doesn’t matter the reason. It is of utmost importance and I really do give a dam about how important it is to you.

The personal relationships I have built for simply doing my job is priceless.
Fulfilling that for them is rewarding in that I get the feedback that they got the job or role. That tells me that I am on the right track with the kind of work I do for my clients.

They have to get hired and noticed in such a competitive world.. And a headshot is one of the very first things employers look for online or in person. I must provide the best I can so that my clients feel confident they have the best of themselves in a photo. I work hard to give you a fighting chance in securing the first step to your success. It all starts here. A headshot.

Can’t wait to meet you and create the best you, you’ve ever seen.

Always grateful
Jerry Camarillo